15 comments on “From My Blackened Mind: Let Kick Start this Bitch!

  1. I agree with Edward (and Angel). But somehow, based on what I have just read, I’m convinced that no matter what I say, you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to. This is the story of a strong person, not to mention a formidable one. Sincerely, The Man Behind the Daemonwulf Curtain (*plain smile*)

  2. Good on you! I need some word count goals (among others, but I’m not brave enough to air them all). And I have to add that I have always adored that Pricilla Ahn song and it’s uncanny our musical taste similarities. I’ll also reiterate that I’ll beta swap with you any day. I swear I’m not cyber-stalking you. I’ll stop now before this gets weird.

    Oops. Too late.

    • I love that song! I agree with you, it IS uncanny how similar our musical tastes are. I’d definitely be willing to beta swap with you 🙂 Cyber-stalking? Naw, you’re welcome here anytime. Thanks for reading!

      ~J. Marie

  3. I have no doubt you will accomplish whatever you set your mind and heart to. I wish you all the best, Jilly. You’re an amazing person, and if this isn’t inspiration in it’s truest form, I don’t know what is. ❤

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