10 comments on “From My Blackened Mind: A Song for Every Moment …

  1. I would like to say that I have a favorite song, but it depends on what I am thinking about. If I’m thinking of YOU, for instance, I tend to think of something from Lords of Acid.


    But even then, it depends on why I’m thinking of you. I could just as easily think of anything by Floyd.

    My Favorite song…tough one. Right now, I might have to say Falling In Reverse – “Raised by Wolves” tops my list.


    Love you 🙂

    • Any song of Lords of Acid’s ROCKS! That band always puts me in a L’Escalier state of mind 😉

      I love, love, LOVE Falling in reverse! I like ‘Raised by Wolves’ a lot. But I think, ‘Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards’ and ‘Goodbye Graceful’ are my favorites.

      Thanks Angel! ❤

  2. The song that conjures the best memories for me is, “Push”, by Matchbox Twenty. I have some pretty awesome memories that revolve around the release of their first album and the first single from it. I spent most of that period of my life hanging around a great dude named Chris. I would end up naming my son after him. Yeah, “Push”, is that song for me.

    • That’s a great song E! Matchbox Twenty definitely brings forth some pretty awesome memories for me too. Particularly ‘Smooth’ … I have a thing for Santana 😉 Matchbox Twenty was a band that was blasted in my house regularly.

      Thanks E! ❤

    • I actually didn’t like Matchbox Twenty at first. I had to get past the fact that the lead singer resembled someone I hated in high school. But listening to them on the radio helped a lot. Santana helped even more. That combination was so smooth….

  3. Great post, and thanks for the intro to Nox Arcana. That could be some fun mood music. Of a similar vein, I love Type O Negative and Danzig to help me grab my evil by the horns. Anything Breaking Benjamin gets me in the mood to write something angry/hearbreaking. Tool/Puscifer/Perfect Circle have great snoo-snoo writing songs. Oooo, this is a fun one too for the mystical, goth stuff– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIawK3LYFLA&feature=related

    And lastly, try the Vitamin String Quartet for any music-only cover, including Evanescence. Great for actual writing time so you don’t get too distracted singing along. 😉

    Okay, I’ll stop now. Needless to say, my dad has always loved music as yours did, and he passed it on to his kids as well. It is my favorite form of art!

    • I absolutely love Breaking Benjamin, Tool, and Puscifer! Awesome bands! I’ll have to check the other’s out. I love the Underworld Soundtracks, many of the bands you mentioned above make an appearance on them. Thanks so much for the suggestion of the Vitamin String Quartet- will definitely be scoping them out 🙂 Music is definitely one of my favorite forms of art as well- It just helps to inspire my most favorite … writing!

      Thanks for commenting! ❤

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