4 comments on “From my Blackened Mind: Dark Days

  1. (kissing your cheek)

    I think i get it…it just happened to me, love.

    Dark days do have that effect on me too…I can write my best horror works when I am in a dark space. It happens.

    • *blushes*
      Thank you. Of course, I hate the dark days when it effects those around me. It’s a lot easier to sit down at the keyboard and let it flow. It turns that dark day just a little lighter. Especially when the story practically writes itself. It’s a pretty awesome feeling. It’s like an addiction…I just got to have it!

  2. Sure. I gave you the idea, but that sumbitch went far beyond my imagination. Spectacular piece of demonic lust. Though that place scares the bejesus out of me, I still wanna walk the stairway. I’m curious like that. Or, just plain stupid. Haven’t figured out which yet 😉


    • LMAO! I wanna walk the stairway…again 😉 . It’s been quite the ride so far. I truly believe that we all have a sadistic streak. So, I can’t fault you for being curious…who wouldn’t be? But isn’t it curiosity that killed … well, you get the idea. Thanks E! You helped me get this show on the road! Starting to love those DARK DAYS!! Bring me to L’Escalier!!

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